Somatic coaching is a unique coaching method that works with the body in its wholeness (mind, body, spirit, heart) to support who you want to be and what you want to doSomatics is a path by which we can embody transformation, making a foundational change that shows in our actions, perceptions, thinking and relating … in our way of Being. Practice helps sustain our transformation over time. Somatics works through the body, engaging our thinking, emotions, commitments, values and actions.

As a somatic coach and healer, my vision and hope for each client is to be their guide in navigating their life’s journey towards all that matters to them. In our process together, we explore what listening means, and we begin by listening to our bodies, exploring what habits we currently have – we explore habits that are serving us and in alignment to what matters to us, and habits that are no longer useful for us. We learn to see with more than our eyes and we learn to listen to not only words spoken but words unspoken. In our work together I will guide and encourage my client to tap into the wisdom that lies within each of us, and the wisdom gathered over the centuries from our ancestors, waiting for us to listen. We have the ability and the knowing to heal ourselves. We have the ability and knowing to heal each other. We have the ability and knowing to live in our full aliveness.


As human beings, only about 10 percent of the information we experience lands in our conscious awareness: the remaining information lands in our bodies in the forms of sensation, emotion, and intuition.

Through our sessions, I am committed to inviting clients to explore a new way of being in the world, and to tap into the wisdom and intelligence of our bodies. I invite and guide clients to create their own dojo (‘place of awakening’); to discover and align with what matters for them; and to move skillfully towards what matters to them for the sake of producing deep, sustainable change, individually and collectively.

What’s asking to coming alive?

Please contact me for a complimentary 30 minute online session.

My rate is $135/hour. I have 2 ‘pay what you are able’ spots. At this time, I do not have any ‘pay what you are able’ spots available.

Sliding scale also available, beginning at $75/hour.

I am committed to the dignity of all life and to embodied healing and transformation.