“Every time I met with Marilou, I left feeling energized and more equipped to be in the world as I wanted to be. The work we did together was positive, creative, and collaborative. Because it was embodied and experiential, I arrived at insights that I couldn’t have realized through language alone. The physicality of the work was very generative for me, at once practical and poetic. I found Marilou to be a smart, wise, kind guide. I trusted her, and consistently felt that she truly saw me for who I was. She approached our work as a whole person with her own story and experiences, which helped me know that we both understood this personal work could not be divorced from the broader context of culture, race, systems, and history. It was the first time I’ve worked with someone who was able to flawlessly integrate the two, and it gave me the sense that these somatic lessons could really stand up in the real world. I’m so grateful for the experience of working with Marilou — it’s been so much more than I could have hoped for.”


~ Sinda N.


“What I have gained from my sessions with Marilou really can’t be put into words. I can say that I have direction on doing what makes me feel alive, I have gained more awareness in myself and in the world and I have gained confidence of my inner wisdom. These are gifts that will continue to give long after my sessions end…that is invaluable. I have learned skills that have cultivated my growth and I feel very fortunate to have been taught. What I have gained has been gradually shifting me but has really changed the direction of my journey. I can confidently say and continue to practice daily ‘I am a commitment to expansiveness with permeable boundaries’.”


~ Mary S.

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Your intuitiveness and attentive nature benefits your clients beyond what the “normal” somatic coach likely has to offer. In the short time I have known you, I feel I have known you forever. You were always very attuned to me and what was going on in my life and helped guide me to solutions to my problems and issues I was dealing with through many different practices.


You are great at listening to your clients and guiding them to resolutions. You knew when to listen and when to share relevant information in order to help guide the discussion in the right direction. You helped me make decisions on my own (such as my over-arching declaration and weekly commitments) with just the right amount of feedback and guidance.


~ Linda P.


The coaching sessions are very helpful to me because of the growing relationship with you, Marilou, as a coach who is very centered, very knowledgeable, very in tune with and respectful of all around you. I feel so at ease in our sessions. Thank you for the ways you gently challenge, nurture my own curiosity, protect my comfort, safety and self, free my thinking and wonder, and ask for permission.  You teach me new language and explore my own words as I learn about somatics from and with you.  You listen to understand meaningfulness and to promote connection, not just learning new language. You have such powerful strength and share it in the most gentle, compassionate, and nurturing ways. You ask permission for what you initiate or share.  You offer feedback that is nurturing and freeing.  You don’t claim to know it all; you embody what you practice. 


~ Gloria H.